Sojourner Truth's Speech: Ain T I A Woman

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Just as we are born, our parents hope for us the best future. Sometimes we don’t end up with it and that is only because we plan our own futures. Throughout all the years, our past presidents have tried to make America a great nation. We had presidents that were astonishing and stunning as presidents, like George Washington, who led the victory of the continental army. We also had Abraham Lincoln, he freed slaves and gave them hope for their future as American citizens. The African Americans were finally able to build their own houses and have their own land and animals. He let the women keep their children instead of seeing them sold and shipped away from them. That hurts a mother more than anything. To have a child, then when they are old enough to understand…show more content…
When they were returned, they were endlessly beat for running away, sometimes beat to death. We were all born as people, so there is no need to be discriminated. We are all equal as humans on this earth. Men and women were separated by their gender due to the creation of a patriarchal society and the thought of men being stronger than women. In Sojourner truth’s speech, “ain’t I a woman?” she states, “if the first woman god ever made was strong enough to turn the world upside down all alone, these women together ought to be able to turn it back, and get it right side up again!” She shows that even as a woman we are strong enough to be as equal as a man. Truth’s speech show so much. She worked as hard as a man. She ate as much as a man, and yet she is a woman. Many people think that everyone is different by race, gender, and religion. We are not by any chance different. Truth’s speech gave women hope for their future as women. We need someone like her to come and show us that there is hope for our
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