Solar Cookers Planning Board

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Solar Cookers Planning Board Theoretical background Explain conduction, convection, and radiation. How are solar cookers used in developing countries? Why will this modification increase the temperature change of the water? Conduction is the process by which heat or electricity is directly transferred through the material of a substance where there is a change of temperature or electrical potential between connecting regions, without movement of materials. Some examples of conduction heat are. A cold cast iron skillet is placed into a stovetop. When the stove is turned on, the skillet becomes very hot due to the conduction of the heat from the burner to the skillet. Convection is the movement by within a fluid by tendency of hotter and therefore…show more content…
What were some problems with the experiment? In the experiment I came along some slight issues with the experiment. On the first test we did. The weather was different compared to the second test, due to the difference in the weather and temperature. Another issue I had with the experiment was that the results in the second test the modification did not improve the experiment at all. Recommendations What recommendations/ modifications would improve the design of the solar cooker? In further recommendation I would take away the black plastic bag due to the fact that it did not improve with the modification that was added to solar cooker. I believe that the modification did not improve because the transmission of heat was being stoped. Due to the material for the black plastic bag being too thick for the absorption of heat to heat the water. The recommendation would be to just have glad wrap instead of the black plastic bag. Conclusion A paragraph summarising the experiment. Must relate to the Aim. Has the Hypothesis been validated? In conclusion the purpose of this investigation was to Design and construct a solar cooker and determine its effectiveness. I believe It is hypothesised that if You leave the solar cooker out in the sun for 20 min then The temperature will increase significantly. This hypothesis was proven right due the results throughout the
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