Solar Dryer Lab Report

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A force convection solar dryer constructed using local material (figure 1) and evaluated for the drying of local yam variety Dioscorea Rodundata cultivar ‘Dente’. The dryer was positioned facing south with an angle inclination of 18o.
Temperature profiles of the collector and within the drying chamber indicating ambient temperature, inlet and outlet temperature of the collector, drying chamber temperature and relative humidity of ambient and within the drying chamber have been plotted (Figure 4and5) to depict the thermal performance of the dryer.
4.1.1 Preliminary test
A no load test was conducted to test some parameters of primary interest such as the temperature of various parts of the collector and drying chamber and relative humidity of
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There was a gradual decrease of all the temperature. The variation between humidity of the inlet air and that of the drying chamber is plotted in Figure 5.
The preliminary experiment was designed to show the characteristics of the system with respect to variations in the external conditions. It can be seen from the figure 4 and 5 that the temperatures and humidity of the various part of the dryer increased with high radiation. This clearly shows the dependence of the drying system on the radiation.
Humidity of the drying air inside the drying chamber decreased steadily with time and from figure 5 it is observed that lowest Humidity was recorded between 2pm and 3pm when the sun was high which then increased gradually towards sun set.
4.1.2 Dryer Capacity
The dryer was loaded with 2.4kg of fresh yam samples cut in the dimension 3x3x2cm and divided on the three trays in the drying chamber. The weight was increased to 7.2kg and divided on six trays which were increased from 3 trays. The weight was further increased to 11.8kg with the dimension 3cmx3cmx3cm. The yam samples for the capacity test had an average moisture content of 65%. This was to study the drying behavior of the yam and to predict the drying capacity of the

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