Solar Energy Absorption

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2.1. Solar Energy absorption (solar energy collectors): A solar collector is a device which absorbs solar radiation and converts it into heat. This heat is then used to heat collector fluids like air, water and oil. Solar collectors are designed in such a way that they have high absorption and low emission. Example: The earth is “Solar Collectors”. So the other planets and asteroids in star system. Everything under the sun is a “solar collector” approaching the concept of “solar energy” for this perspective has a liberating effect on the design process Basic Components in solar collectors: Generally, there are two basic elements
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We cannot keep pace with the demand of conventional energy sources, as they are limited and depleting in nature. Their use also pollutes the environment. Therefore, research is going on for the alternative energy sources which are cheaper, sage non depleting and available everywhere. In this context future hopes are on renewable energy sources is more appropriate in rural areas. In rural areas of the country energy consumption per capita is very low in comparison with urban areas. Rural people are even of portable water. Government is making trust on the supply of drinking water in rural areas. It has become the priority area all over the world to provide portable water to everyone. In many parts of the county plenty of underground water is available by this is highly saline (2000 PPM to 3500 PPM) and therefore unfit for human consumption. The minimum level of acceptance of fresh water for human consumption is 550 PPM. Therefore to make the saline water portable, its purification is essential which can be performed by distillation. One of the main advantages of distillation process is that it requires heat only up to 1200C which can be supplied form solar energy or other cheap fuels, while in reverse cost of vapour compression and electro dialysis process or some mechanical or electrical energy when we use in every…show more content…
To meet the demand of portable water in these areas economically, solar distillation is a good proportion. Solar stiff recovers portable water from salt water by use of solar radiations. Many types of solar stills were developed for various applications i.e. single effect basin multiple effect, covered, solar concentrator etc. in all types of solar still basin, type solar still is simple and widely used. It has shallow blackened basin of saline water covered with a slopping transparent roof. Solar radiation that passes through the glass roof heats the water and the blackened basin, therefore allowing the water to evaporate which gets the water and the blackened basin. Therefore allowing the water to evaporate which gets roof heats the water to evaporate which gets condensed on the underside of the glass and gets collected in tray as distillate attached to the

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