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prices and having the objectives of maximizing financial gain and PV energy consumption are investigated [6]. A microgrid consisting of wind, PV energy sources with battery storage is researched [7] with the objective of maximizing the overall economic benefit of the system and determining the optimal output of power sources whilst satisfying load balance constraints. In Ref. [8], a microgrid made up of wind, PV energy sources with batteries is considered. The microgrid is grid connected and investigations are carried out under different grid market policies and Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) is utilized in solving the obtained mathematical model. The optimal control strategy for a hybrid microgrid consisting of PV and diesel power source…show more content…
Section 3 focuses on the methodology deployed in the numerical simulations whilst Section 4 presents obtained results. The paper is concluded in Section 5. 2. Mathematical model of microgrid The microgrid used in this work, consists of conventional generators and RES at the supply side and demand response formulations at the customer side. The RES consists of a PV system and a wind energy system. The hourly energy output of a PV generator St is given as [10]: St ¼ npvAcIpvt ; (1) where npv is the efficiency of the solar PV generator/array, Ipvt (kW h/m2) is the hourly solar irradiation incident on the solar PV array, Ac is the area of the PV array and St is the hourly energy output from a solar generator [10]. The hourly output of a wind generator is highly dependent on the wind speed and the wind speed is given as [10]: vhubt ¼ vreft  hhub href b ; (2) where vhubt is the hourly wind speed at the desired height hhub, vreft is the hourly wind speed at the reference height href and b is the power law exponent that ranges from 17 to 14 . For the purpose of this work, 17 is used. The mathematical formula used to convert hourly wind speed to electrical power is as follows

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