Solar Energy Advantages And Disadvantages

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Solar energy is an renewable source of energy for powering portable devices. For some time, it has been widely used in applications like calculators and water heaters. more recently, solar power is being considered for large of consumer applications including mobile phone chargers. However, power available from a solar panel is highly dependent on the operating environment. It contains such things as light intensity, time and location. Therefore, batteries typically are used as energy storage elements. They can be alter when the power is obtained from the solar panel, as well as to power the system when the available power from the solar panel is not sufficient. A battery charger is used to store energy into a rechargeable battery by forcing an electric current through it. This charger is designed to help the people when they are unable to charge because of no electricity. This circuit describes a solar cell phone charger that uses solar panels. DC voltage is transformed to a mobile phone battery and then charge the battery. It automatically stops charging after the completion .

It works on the theory that when light falls on the solar cell, electron -hole pairs are created in the n-type emitter and in the p-type base. The generated electrons and holes then diffuse to the junction and are swept away by the electric field, thus producing. Some modules are selected and worked out to suitable specifications. The development of solar charger goes from the fundamental level

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