Solar Energy Advantages

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Introduction In a country such as South Africa, where the production of electricity solely relies on burning coal, identifying a clean source of renewable, sustainable energy is indeed of primary importance. As the demand of electricity begins to outstrip supply the need for a reliable abundant alternative energy source is becoming more and more pressing especially in the few years to come. I am going to talking about why big business in South Africa be forced to go solar. Solar power is produced by collecting sunlight and converting it to electricity. This could be done using solar panels which are slat panels made up of many individual solar cells this time of energy can be used anywhere where the rays of the sun’s rays are more dominate. I am going to write about the advantage of it and how it will benefit the country is many business especially big business use solar power as their alternative energy source. Solar energy is the energy from the sun it is a vast and inexhaustible resource. Once it is placed it will convert the solar energy so energy that we can use, the fuel is absolutely free this will be beneficial to big companies here in South Africa, they won’t only be saving the environment because solar power is considered as clean energy, as it does not contribute in global warming, but also they will cutting down on their costs. My research bellow will clarify and substantiate on why I big companies should use Solar Power especially Solar panels as their
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