Solar Energy Importance

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Before going to what are solar panel and why should one install them, one should have a clear idea of what is solar energy and what is its importance. Solar energy is the light and heat that we get from the sun which is harnessed using different technologies such as solar heating, photovoltaic and solar thermal energy, etc. There are two ways the solar energy can be used, the first is in form of heat and second is in form of light energy. The solar heat is used to produce electricity. Perhaps one of the most useful ways to harness solar energy is in processing water. Large areas which suffer from annual drought conditions use solar energy for treating water. Drinking brackish or polluted water spreads bacteria…show more content…
The answer is if we use renewable energy instead of non-renewable energy, for example instead of using fossils fuels or oil we can use solar energy which will consume the resources. Once the non-renewable resources are gone or finished then they can’t be replenished. Also the fossils fuels create lots of pollution which not affects the people but also to water, fuel, etc. Sun’s energy is immense and is available all day, harnessing that energy can help protect the delicate balance of our environment. Solar energy is not only important for what it can give us but also what it does not do as well. The biggest drawback of processing coal, oil and natural gas and using it is the dangers posed to our natural environment. These energy processes have dangerous side effects as the production and use of this electricity creates…show more content…
Also 10kw of solar panel system will prevent a) 770kgs of coal from being burned b) 135kgs of CO^2 being released into the atmosphere c) 400 litres of water from being consumed. Also one more advantage of solar energy is, it can be harnessed from every part on earth. I know there are places where there is no sunlight but I am talking about places where there is no land (ocean, lake, etc.). Solar panels are more efficiently in this case because they can float of water. Floating solar panel can generate more electricity than ground mount system. There are places where it is built in pond, in Kato city in japan. These plants are anticipated to generated 3300MKW per year. Also it is designed in such way that endures extreme weather such as storms and typhoons. Disadvantage of solar energy • Weather depended( in case there is no sun for a week than there will be no electricity) • Solar energy storage is expensive( batteries are expensive but can store energy and can be used later) • Uses lot of space( it occupies around 1km on the rooftop) • Cost of purchasing a solar system is quiet

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