Solar Energy: The Future Of Solar Power

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Solar power is becoming so popular that we’re to turn off old school power plants. The sun shines on us every day and it does this for 365 days a year, it comes down here we gather it and we use it for energy. The first human kind source of power was the sun. And with the little of work and engineering it may be the last one we will ever need. As a matter fact pretty much we as humans used solar power long time ago and all. All coal is a fossilized remains of dead animals and plants died millions of years ago and have been buried in the earth and they got their energy from the sun, same thing applies on natural gas and oil. Another example is wind energy. When power it generates power by using wind but the question is what makes the wind move? The answer to that question is the sun. The sun creates all weather on our planet. Now comes the direct sun power and yes it gets its energy directly from the sun. And skips those entire middlemen the question remains is it more efficient? Yes it is but one problem is that it 's a bit expensive. After researching about solar power we come to a surprise that we actually have known about the photoelectric effect for almost the past 200 years ago. A 19 years old kid named Edmond Becquerel discovered it in 1839. Edmond Becquerel was a French physicist who was interested in Electricity and solar spectrum. He was known as the first one who observed the photovoltaic effect. Briefly speaking photovoltaic effect is when a certain material is
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