Narrative Essay: The Future Of Solar Energy

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The Future of Solar Power Before my one-day visit to the Solar Farm located in the Mea Jan District in Chiang Rai, I had very little knowledge on how exactly people get clean electricity from solar energy. My only understanding when it came to the workings of solar powered electricity was that it is a renewable source that uses the solar energy from the Sun’s radiant light and heat which then gets harnessed using a range of ever-evolving technologies. And I’d agree, as much as the next person, that with the environmental problems in the world we see and face today, it seems like opting for renewable energies such as solar energy is the logical and reasonable thing to do. So, the question on my mind was why aren’t people not utilising them…show more content…
Such renewable energy sources are being carried out all over the world nowadays. Brilliant minds have dedicated their lives to discovering resources that doesn’t leak green house gases into the ozone or cost immense amounts of assets. Renewable sources of energy are very promising to the earth and its atmosphere. Though it seems that to establish a renewable source like solar energy, there are drawbacks. First, it is very extravagant to make and it can be hard to use on hazy days. Second, the low technical skills availability challenges are sizably voluminous which makes it strenuous for the administration of Thailand to fortify it, especially when it comes to the case of the solar farm in Chiang Rai. However, solar power has many advantages over non-renewable sources. As the visitation to the solar farm showed, firstly the sun is free, it does not have to be bought and it is non-exhaustible. Second, it does not hurt the environment nor is there any noise pollution produced. So, in reality, setting up solar farms has a unique mix of opportunities and challenges. But, in the long run renewable source of energy would benefit man for the better. It would kill two birds with one stone as it diminishes garbage levels and creates power at the same

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