Solar Furnace Research Paper

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Solar Furnace is structures, which concentrate all the sunlight (solar radiation) fall on it to a point or a line to increase temperature. It contains mirror which act as collector or reflector, which are arrange in such a way that all the sunlight fall on it is concentrated at, focus the temperature at focus may reach up to 3500’c. This heat can be utilized to generate electricity, Melting of metal, Cooking of food Carry out many chemical reactions and used to heat any fuel. [1]

1.1Type of Solar Furnace:

Solar Furnace is of different type based on the collector design and its application

1.1.1Parabolic dish
In Parabolic Dish the collector at a fix point concentrates solar furnace the solar light. In this we get highest
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Solar collector is also contain the tracking system in which the collector is moving as the sun move it is because the focus is not change and the time require to reach the desire temperature.
Some of the disadvantages of solar collector are:
• Concentrator systems collect little diffuse radiation depending on the concentration ratio
• Solar reflecting surfaces may loose their reflectance with time and may require periodic cleaning and refurbishing.

Choice of solar receiver can be done by first of all choosing the different parameter such as,

Figure 2.2: Solar receiver selection chart
3. Type of receiver:
There are mainly two types of solar receiver. They are differential from each other in the location of absorbing material the two types are:

3.1 Cavity Receiver

Figure 3.1: Cavity
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Receivers operating at ambient pressure are usually called open volumetric receivers.

3.4 Closed volumetric receiver Figure 3.4: Closed volumetric receiver

The other type of volumetric receivers is the closed volumetric receiver that is usually work at high pressure. These receivers rely on a transparent window to enable high-pressure operation, minimize reflection losses, re-radiation and convection losses. [5]

4.Parabolic dish
Parabolic dish solar furnace is used because it is cost effective technology: Large utility projects using parabolic dishes are now under development. In parabolic dish furnace can get high temperature as it focus all the sunlight at a point and also primary and secondary receiver is used. In this furnace we can use to melt metal or also it can use to heat fluid at high temperature.
4.1Technical Challenges Have Been:
• Development of solar materials and components
• Commercial availability of a solar-izable engine

4.2 Advantage: High Efficiency
• Demonstrated highest solar-to-electric conversion
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