Solar Mamas 'Wavin' Flag: An Analysis

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While the variety of texts and media studied present a lot of different messages and truths about different topics, but the underlining truth for all of pieces is that, a person should fight against the strident circumstances in order to get the basic human rights and live a pleasant life. This truth is applicable to all of the pieces studied and it is an important principle one should believe in. It could be applied to K’Naan’s “Wavin’ Flag” in the fact that K’Naan was trying to covey that freedom should be fearlessly fought for; freedom is believed to be one of the most important rights to humans; since it allows individuals to have their own thoughts and ideas about a certain topic without being discriminated against. “We fight their battles,…show more content…
What I found was the most effective in conveying the truth was the documentary “Solar Mamas”. I believe it is the most affective not only because it films an inspiring story of Rafea, but also the visual effects plays an important role in delivering messages to the audience, since by a sound track or a drone shot of the landscape a lot could be conveyed because these simple but effective details can help the audience significantly in understanding the situation that is being documented. In addition, the emotions of the protagonist and documented people also makes a huge impact on the watcher because sometimes by only seeing the facial expression of someone you can read how they are feeling and many other psychological aspects of human beings, unlike the essay where we cannot see any feelings or emotions to judge on many conditions throughout it, same goes for the song too, because it is mostly singing and dancing and not a lot of visual effects that displays the message of the song; even though there were some symbols displayed in the background but it is still not as effective as the documentary. The song “Wavin’ Flag” expresses an amazing meaning but the form it was displayed in did not demonstrate the effectiveness of the song. The essay “what is poverty?” on the other hand was pretty affectively written due to all the detailed examples and quotes from different people; but the conclusion made the point of the paragraph less important because it was pretty quickly concluded and lacked many details. Finally, the documentary displays an acceptable level of special effects and provisional shooting
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