Solar Power Plant Essay

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A Comprehensive Study on Solar power plant at Educational Institute level

P.V.Ramana1,B.sudheerprem Kumar2,Srilatha.3
1Assoc. professor –Mechanical-NMREC-(PhD Research scholar-JNTUA)-Hyderabad
2Professor-Mechanical –JNTU college of Engineering –Hyderabad
3Asst.Professor-Mechanical-NallaMallaReddy Engineering college -Hyderabad

Abstract— The conventional source of energy such as coal, oil, uranium etc., are depleting very fast and the demand of energy is increasing rapidly, so year to year energy need is exceeding the energy generation leading to acute shortage of energy Solar energy is a renewable from inexhaustible energy for all living creatures on the earth planet. This energy can be utilized by using thermal and
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Indian government is promoting solar energy in the form of solar lanterns. Home lighting systems, street lighting systems, solar water pumps and power plants. The total SPV installed ill India is around 160 MW and as a result India ranks fourth in the world in harnessing SPV system after Japan, USA and Germany. 100 KW and 200KW SPV systems have been installed in some parts of country.
b) Solar thermal system: solar thermal power plant is harnessed by three methods namely solar concentrated system, distributed system and solar pond. In India, now use of solar energy for water heating, cooking, drying and space heating through various schemes are in common use .In order to promote the solar water heating system, Bangalore has declared as a solar thermal city.
It is worth to note that a project of 140 MW is under consideration under integrated solar combined cycle (ISCC) in Jodhpur district in Rajasthan. 35 MW will be generating by solar energy while rest 105 MW is to be generated by fossil fuel (natural gas) .A 100 MW solar power plants using solar concentrated system is under development. Reliance ADAG is going to install 500 MW of solar energy plants (PV and thermal systems) in
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The general configuration of solar cell is to make p-n junction. p-n junction is obtained by diffusing n-type Si (0.2µm thick)with p-type Si of about 300µm thick. Metal electrode made of (Ti –Ag) alloy are attached to the top and bottom of the cell. The bottom is completely covered with metal electrodes while the top side electrode is made in the form of fine grid of narrow metal fingers which permits the sun light to go through an anti-reflection coating of 0.1 µm thick is applied on the top of the cell. The sun light strikes the upper surface of the cell; some photons are absorbed near the junction of two layers. This generates e.m.f and if the two electrodes are connected through the external circuit a current flow. Photo voltaic cell generates DC supply. However it can be converted to AC of required voltage by power conditioning unit (PCU). There are many companies are supplying solar panels but the institute installed Mono crystalline solar panels of “solar semi-Conductor

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