Methods Of Solar Energy

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Solar energy is the energy received by the earth from the sun that is converted into thermal or electrical energy (Tran et al., 2016). It is an important source of renewable energy and its technology are roughly branded as either solar energy or active solar provisional on how they capture and distribute solar energy or converted it into solar power. Although solar energy influence earth’s climate and weather, solar energy provide 0,5 percent of the world’s electricity, expect believes that sunlight has the potential to supply 5000 time as much energy as the world consumes (Tran et al., 2016). Broadly speaking, solar energy is a term used to describe a range of methods for obtaining energy from the sun. The large magnitude of solar energy available…show more content…
Emphatically, of the three methods, photo voltaic and photo thermal are the major ones. In this case, photo thermal will be discussed. According to Lee (2012: 43) we use solar radiation to heat water which is commonly used for heating .Mirrors are used to capture the rays of the sun into a water filled pipe. This heat is used directly and converted into mechanical energy and it finally becomes electricity. Equally important, light is converted into electricity by photoelectric effect .Photo electric panel is made up of several cells that generate direct current and then it is converted to alternative current by an inverter. These two type of installation are commonly used in small communities. Everyone in the community can have electricity. Although passive solar energy is not as effective as photo thermal and photo voltaic, in some places they do use it. This type of method uses building to capture sun’ s energy . If the building has many windows this method can work effectively (Lee, 2012:5).In remote areas this type of method can be difficult to be used. But industrial companies can work with this kind of method. To summarize all these methods are so vital in our everyday lives.
Summing up, the importance of solar energy enhances homes and makes life easier to some people be it businesses, homes, and industries. Communities benefit to solar energy and their savings are increased as I have noted that it cuts electric

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