Solar Storms Character Analysis

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Angela’s Quest to Self-discovery Angela Wing, a frightened Native American girl who enters her unknown ancestral land in Adam’s Rib in search of her roots and identity. In Linda Hogan’s novel, Solar Storms, she tells the story of Angela Wing’s transformation from a scarred, fearful, and confused young girl living in the foster system in Oklahoma to a girl whose identity is affirmed and full of life by connecting to her ancestral roots -- her land. Native Americans bodies tell stories about the suffering, oppression and pain past generations experienced through settler colonialism. Settlers overran native land looking to assimilate the Native American culture to theirs. (Dunbar-Ortiz; King) Settler colonialisms strategy was to tear families apart -- destroy social structures. Children were stripped away from their mothers, Angela is symbolic of the many children taken away. Their ability to withstand the oppression and survive is reflected through Angela’s journey. On her journey to find her mother,…show more content…
As her journey continues the paternal love roles begin to change -- Angela becomes a mother. She begins to take care of her younger sister, Aurora -- giving her light. It was not until Hannah’s death that Angela was able to reconnect with her mother, “but even if she hated me, there had been a moment of something akin to love, back the creation.” (251) Angela realized the sacrifices her mother made and finds some good in that, her mother gave her life. Throughout her time in Adam’s Rib, Angela receives all kind of love; from her people, from her land, but a piece of that love was from her mother and Angela begins to realize
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