Solar Thermal Power: Solar Power And Solar Energy

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In just 50 minutes, the Sun makes the same amount of the planet 's annual energy consumption . Solar Thermal power, uses the sun’s energy to make cheap thermal energy, which does not harm the environment, unlike fossil fuels . There are different methods to use solar energy. The first one provides heating and hot water to an average home by collecting energy from the sun through solar panels installed in the same building. The second method consists in using concentrated solar heat energy and big power utilities to indirectly make electricity. Solar thermal is the most common way of using solar power. The process of heating water with the sun’s energy is more popular in the areas where it is usually warm and sunny. This is also a greatly useful economic solution. After the solar panels are bought and installed, apart from check-ups, the rest of the process is free! Until gas heating became popular, the method of water heating by the sun was one of the most popular in the United States but is now making a big comeback because of the population’s increasing interest in conserving and protecting the environment . The Solar Thermal Domestic Hot Water System works the following ways: first the solar panel collects the sun’s radiation and goes through a pump, which leads to the Solar Thermal Twin Coil Cylinder. There is a cold water storage, and a boiler for the hot water. Once the water is either heated or cooled, It moves to anywhere it is required; from the cold glass of water

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