Solar Won T Be Killed: An Argumentative Analysis

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I. Introduction to controversy and arguments from both sides.

In the world today there are many ways to be environmentally friendly; from bettering the water testing procedures, to using wind energy to power plants. However, other than recycling and picking up your trash there are few things the average person can do. There is – one thing that is on the rise; the use of solar energy. From the frozen tundra of Alaska to the Sunshine State solar energy has been made known and easily accessible. With the increased fame, comes the increase of government involvement. There are two sides to every coin, in the world of solar energy; the first side is simple: let everyone use solar panels without taxation or fees. The other would be to tax or place fees upon those wishing to use solar energy. II. Analysis of arguments

TUSK, Tell Utilities Solar Won’t be Killed is an organization “formed to create a united front through which we can tell utilities that solar is right for conservatives and for America.” (1- Goldwater, 2015) They work in many states fighting legislation looking to minimize the use of solar panels. From Illinois’ Common Edison bill in 2015, to steeply increase ‘demand charges’ for those using solar panels to joining Oklahoma’s fight to allow citizens to choose solar energy and not be charged for both the
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Solar energy is renewable and sustainable – it will never end, after all it derives from the sun, therefore there will be solar energy as long as there is sun. Solar energy is able to be used everywhere, from major metropolitan areas to extremely remote areas and even space. New innovations are helping to make solar energy more effective on cloudy days. Besides being able to save on electric bills it is extremely low maintained and quite unlike the use of wind turbine that are loud and need attention regular due to their moving parts. (3- Rinkesh,
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