Soldiers Homecoming Persuasive Speech

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Love and Hate
If you want to see some intensely emotional videos, just go on YouTube and write "Soldier Homecoming" and look at one of the most emotional videos you can find on YouTube or anywhere else. The videos are filled with happiness, tears, surprise, and other positive feelings. And as you watch the video (or videos) it is difficult to hold your tears, and you just get happy because someone (a father, mother, brother, sister, wife, husband, son, etc.) meets with their beloved (which is also one of the abovementioned), and you don't know either of them.
I'm not going to write about the war, not the casualties, not the political debates about this, no! My point in all this is that you see how happy everyone is (those who watch included) that they met their loved ones, so how can it happen that if everyone loves everyone, and is happy about their homecoming, how can it happen after some days those same people that cried tears of joy and happiness, the same people that collapsed in crying in front of school, friends, family, work colleagues (and they didn't care what people thought about this), how could the same people fight with each other, the same people throw words to each other that maybe you wouldn't want to say to your enemy. The same people say now to each other
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If they (whoever of the people you love) says to you a word that you don't like or does something that you don't like, don't try to get revenge, stop the vicious cycle, just try to be better. Be more polite, help them with their everyday life, if you have the chance to anger them, DON'T do it. Just try to behave with them as best as you can, and you will see that the relationship just gets better. If they continue with their behavior, just give them a small sincerely advice (or make them read the article it doesn't matter), but just try with small things and things will get
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