Soldier Island In 'And Then There Were None'

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And Then There Were None Synopsis In "And Then There Were None", the story starts with a mysterious person titled "E. N. Owen" inviting 8 different men and women from the United Kingdom to Soldier Island. The only known thing about Soldier Island, is that some millionaire had purchased it for his own entertainment. The 8 people consisted of Vera Claythorne, Philip Lombard, William Blore, Dr. Armstrong, Emily Brent, General Macathur, Tony Marson, and Judge Wargrave. Each person was sent a letter specifying a different reason to go to Soldier Island. When the party was finally assembled, they headed off to Soldier Island to find two housekeepers/servants: Mr. Rogers and Mrs. Rogers. The Rogers' announce that Mr. Owen will not be arriving until…show more content…
This caused a huge shock to the party, and they all retreated to their rooms to sleep. The next morning, Mrs. Rogers was reported to have died in her sleep. The party starts to freak out until Mr. Rogers claims that a boat comes every morning to deliver more food. This gives everyone hope that someone will come to rescue them; however, nobody came. The judge then starts to give orders to everyone in an attempt to find Mr. Owen, but after exploring the entire island, he is not to be found. Later during lunch, General Macathur doesn't show up so Vera Claythorne goes looking for him. He is found dead outside near the ocean, from a gunshot to the head. After the party congregates in the living room, the judge concludes that one of the people in the party must be Mr. Owen. The next morning Mr. Rogers is found dead while chopping wood. As the party begins to wonder why the nursery rhyme in every room starts to fit in with all the deaths, they feel sure that the killer is trying to foreshadow their deaths. After breakfast, Emily Brent feels extremely giddy, and is left alone in the living room. When the party comes to find her, she is laying dead on the couch, having been injected with poison. The party also notices a bee flying near the
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