Soldier Support Case Study Essay

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The PI will administer the survey to the participants at Fort Bragg Soldier Support Center, Fayetteville. Prior to meeting with the participants the PI will double check the instructions and print out a copy of the survey (Appendix E). Participants will receive an introduction read from a prepared script (Appendix B) and the survey directions provided (Appendix D). The PI will read the script (Appendix I) and the instructions (Appendix C) to the participants to assure that all their answers kept confidential and will only use for the purpose of the survey. Extra technological devices brought to the class by the PI in case participants do not have the technology readily available. To start the survey, the PI will provide the URL to participants (Appendix E). All participants will confirm their consent by answering the first survey question in the affirmative. The PI will remain in the room and impartial while participants answer each question; do not interrupt the participants. The PI will ensure to ask participants if they have any comments or questions and close with thanks for their time. The PI will send thank you emails to the Transition Services Manager for allowing the participation of the military-affiliated personnel. Data Collection and…show more content…
The independent t test is the statistical test in the study, which will determine the difference between two groups. Fail to reject the hypothesis at an alpha level of .05, the p value has to be greater than the alpha level (.05). ANOVA will use more than two variable groups to analyze data. There will be two groups to test the hypothesis using ANOVA. The independent variables consist of common characteristic groups of military-affiliated personnel. The independent variables include; gender, age, military status and length of

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