Soldier's Heart Fact Sheet

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Monthly Student Reaction Form Name: Victor G Month: November Book: Soldier 's Heart Author: Gary Paulsen Date started/Date completed: 11/4 - 11/23 Pages Read: 106 Rating of book (1-5, with 5 being best): ♛♛♛ 1. Briefly SUMMARIZE the book. The book, Soldier 's Heart is about a boy named Charley Goddard, he is 15, and he signs up for the military and he has to lie about his age, and the reason he signs up is that it is a “one in a lifetime deal” type of thing. He fought in many wars in the military, which put him at high risk to death which is how he found out that the war was terrible and hard, and he barely survived. After fighting in many battles he leaves the army with “soldiers heart” which meant that he basically…show more content…
Also, this book didn’t really have any action, obviously because the book was historical fiction. And honestly I wouldn’t really recommend this as a fun read unless someone had to read a historical fiction book. 3. Describe your reading experience. Was it a fun read? Difficult to finish? Hard or easy to understand? My reading experience wasn’t all that bad other than the fact that I didn’t really like the book. No, the book wasn’t a fun read because there wasn’t enough action. It wasn’t hard to finish. But it was pretty easy to understand if you 're like familiar with war, and you might not know what soldier 's heart is but with little research it 's easy to understand. 4. What are you taking away from this month? What have you learned from this book or this reading experience? I have learned from the his experience is that even though something may be or look to be great, but usually the things that look to good to be true are and that they kind of can screw you over because just like in the book, Charley could have died. What I have learned from this book is that you shouldn’t go into something thinking that it is easy, because some people could think differently from others and something could be fun to someone but not to
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