Ernest Hemingway Soldier's Home Summary

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Register to read the introduction…This story is written by Ernest Hemingway based on his own experiences mostly in his work is describes the life of military that had changed the perception of a normal man into a different man about life and things that surrounded him. The writer of the story has been a driver of the ambulance in the Army of Italian and got an awarded the Silver Medal of Italian for his braveness in saving a soldier even though he was injured severely in the war. After that, he had proposed a nurse for marriage but unfortunately, it turns into sad scene when the women leave him for another guy. This incidents that took place in the life of the writer had triggered him to produce such a work as this story. The main character in this story, Harold Krebs is a young man who just came back from the “Great War” to his own town which is late than others whom were also went for the war. Missing the hysteria, no one is willing to listen to his true story that had happened during the war but lies. The people of the society is accepts the lies told by him and willing…show more content…
The struggles and the pain that he had experienced from the war made him to avoid himself from any commitments and relationship as we can see that Krebs like to watch the ladies who walking on the other side of the road but he does not want to have any kind of contact or relationship with them. For him, there is no need a lady even some men said not to be and he also was not really wanted to come back, but at the end he did. Now, Kreb looks at the girls and assumes that the outlet of their pattern are attractive. To learn more about the war, he went on work by reading books regarding war which relates with all his challenges when he was in the war
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