Soldiers Home Ernest Hemingway Character Analysis

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In the story “Soldiers Home” by Ernest Hemmingway there was a character name Harold Krebs who was in the World War I and had just returned home. Before Harold had left for the war, he was going to a Methodist school; and was compared to an average college boy with friends that all favored each other. Harold was still young and had not grown into manhood to know who he truly was. He was not the same person when he returned from war. Harold’s conflict was that he was a different person when he left and now that he is back he must learn how to adapt and find himself. It’s as if he’s battling with his family and the new environment back home to shape and fit the person that he had become. While people are not use to the new Harold; he is no longer comfortable with himself. He has changed over the years because he has had a career path change, his religious believes have changed, and he doesn't really connect with his family the same way he did before. “Soldier’s Home” included Harold “going to war from school at a Methodist School in Kansas” (Hemmingway 1). This is a career path and religious change because when he returned Hemmingway never stated whether he finished school nor did he get a job. Harold did the same thing every day and it…show more content…
He hardly spends time with his family at all; in fact, he doesn’t spend time with anyone. In the story, he mostly spends his day observing people and reading. Hemmingway describes Harold as if he’s a loner. Whereas before he went to the military and was at college on his photos it’s as if he slowly backed away from people. IN the first photo when he was at school it “shows him among his fraternity brothers” (Hemmingway 1) which I would assume would be a group of at least 6. Versus the later photo of him in the army with 2 German women. Over the years his social life became smaller which cause him to drift from his
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