Soldiers Home Hemingway Analysis

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Emotional Effects of War War takes a major toll on the emotions of all exposed to the front lines in battle. Often, soldiers return from war with mental issues that are overlooked. Only those exposed to war in it's gruesome and raw form can truly relate to the way it changes a person forever. Harold Krebs is just the same. He returns and cannot discuss the war in the way he was exposed, instead he is expected to have heroic accounts of his time in battle. In “Soldier's Home” by Ernest Hemingway, he uses dialogue, juxtaposition, and setting to show that the effect war has on soldiers who return from war makes them feel out of place from society. Dialogue used throughout the text places imagery into our minds and we can picture ourselves at the family table during the morning when Krebs is eating breakfast with his mother. Both of Harold Krebs parents are very worried about him after he has been at home from the war for about a month and has not decided on a career path at home. “‘I've worried about you too much, Harold,’ his mother went on. ‘I know the temptations you must have been exposed to. I know how weak…show more content…
This instance in the short story depicts Krebs feeling like he has a down to earth conversation with another soldier who can truly relate to the struggles he has endured from being involved in the war. He does not have to exaggerate for someone to be interested in him, and he can truly talk about how frightened he was when at war. Most people who ask about the war want to hear a heroic account of memory from the war, and aren't expecting or particularly interested to hear how scared a soldier was when he was overseas. Krebs finds some sort of relaxation through talking to this other soldier but it also makes him realize that he is no longer the same person he was before the
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