Soldiers In The Civil War Essay

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Soldiers of the civil war “War is a ghost that haunts you from the moment it exists until the moment you don’t” (Johan Steele). Soldiers in the civil war played a crucial part in the war. The soldiers fit certain parameters when it comes to body types. There was also many different career choices before the war. There were also many casualties on each side. There were many people in the civil war but soldiers played a crucial part in the war. There was an average body type for soldiers, Confederate and Union. The average Height was 5’ 8” (Historynet2016). The average weight is 143 pounds. They were usually between 18 and 39, the average age was 26 (Historynet2016). All of the confederate soldiers were white men. The union soldiers were black…show more content…
The jobs mainly are lower end because the rich paid the poor to go instead to war when the rich men were drafted. For the north Most of the jobs were industrial since they had an industrial economy. Most of the southern jobs were in farming since there was an agricultural economy (Whitehead2016).Some of the jobs in the north included accountants, teachers, and surveyors (Historynet2016). Of course those were only some of the jobs there were many other factory jobs. For the South there were many jobs like carpenters, mechanics, and blacksmiths. These jobs only applied if you weren’t a famer or plantation owner. There were many background jobs of soldiers before the war. There were many soldier casualties in the war on both sides. The casualties mainly are from disease/ infection and battle wounds. On the union 110,070 men died from battle wounds. More people on the Union side died from disease/infection in fact, 250,152 men died. Overall 360,222 died on the union side. On the Confederate side 94,000 died from battle wounds and 164,000 died from illness/disease. All of the Confederate deaths rank up to 258,000 deaths (Davis2004). There were many deaths in the civil war from battle but more from
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