Solid Waste Management: Methods Of Solid Waste Management

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Chapter 2 Methods of solid waste management 2.1 Methods Methods of solid waste management are as follows: • Open burning • Dumping into the sea • Sanitary Landfills • Incineration • Composting • Ploughing in fields • Hog feeding • Grinding and discharging into sewers • Salvaging • Fermentation and biological digestion Open burning • Open burning refers to burning garbage in barrels, open pits, outdoor furnaces, woodstoves, or fireplaces. Open burning of garbage is much more harmful to health and the environment. • Open burning of garbage poses health risks to those exposed directly to the smoke. It especially affects people with sensitive respiratory systems, as well as children and the elderly. • Not an ideal method in the present day context Dumping into Sea • Possible only in coastal cities • Refuse shall be taken in barges sufficiently far away from the coast (15-30 km) and dumped there • Very costly • Not environment friendly Sanitary Landfilling of Solid Wastes • Simple, cheap, and effective • A deep trench (3 to 5 m) is excavated • Refuse is laid in layers • Layers are compacted with some mechanical equipment and covered with earth, leveled, and compacted • With time, the fill would settle • Microorganisms act on the organic matter and degrade them • Decomposition is similar to that in composting • Facultative bacteria hydrolyze complex organic matter into simpler water soluble organics • These diffuse through the soil where fungi and other bacteria

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