Solitary Nation By Dan Edge

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The film “Solitary Nation” by Dan Edge had an impact on me as I was watching the film of the inmates’ lives in solitary while a new warden is trying to make a change for them. Although it was similar to other prison documentaries, it had more of a closer view to solitary than the normal prisons. It provided evidence of how torturing it could be after a certain time, and how the world is constantly full of that nature no matter what measures are taken. It depicted the causes of solitary on the inmates’ behavior, and how contradictory it is to have solitary confinement. Should solitary still be used as a way of punishment? There are three ways to be sent to solitary confinement: the inmate is too dangerous to be around others, for their own …show more content…

There needs to be changes because there is a risk of an inmate not being able to recover from solitary and not be able to be normal. “They are stuck here with nothing to do. You don’t have a strong mind this place can break you quick. A lot of guys don’t even have descents why they just snap out. This is what this place does it makes you mean; it makes you violent.” It alters a person to a much different person than they were before. The film creates sympathy towards the people who have created murder because they are not capable of handling this punishment. The warden stated, “You can have them do their whole time in segregation, but I don’t want them living next to me when you release them.” They can’t control their actions after losing their sense. They don’t have the same opportunity as others to reach assistance for their mental health issues once their sentence is done. It’s rare for someone who was charged for murder and assault to live a normal life once let out to the real world after their experience. It was interesting to see how they act up by flooding their cells, throwing food, and spreading urine and feces on the floor is the inmate’s way to pass time. It had a great success on how their behaviors change. According to the warden, “If you punish them you can make them better, but the reality is the exact opposite happens.” Highlighting the drawbacks of solitary confinement, and how there needs to be something to change these prisoners and actually make them better. One day they will be let out, but they need to be somehow stable from the

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