Soloman Northup: A Free Slave

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In 1842, Soloman Northup, a free slave, was a violinist. He lived with his wife and two children in a middle-class neighbor in Saratoga Springs, New York. As his career grew as a violinist, many people would offer him a job. One day, two men, who identified themselves as circus performers, offered Northup a job as musician to travel to Washington DC However, when they arrived at Washington D.C, the two men drug Northup and sent him to a slave pen in Washington, D.C. After, Northup tries to tell the owner 's of the slave pen that he was a free man, the man furiously whipped him to try to convince him that he was a slave . Soon, Northup was sent to the South and sold to a plantation owner William Ford. Northup impressed his new owner by his smartness
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