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Solomon Radasky was born in Warsaw, Poland, on May 17, 1910. He worked in the Praga district of Warsaw with the family business of making fur coats. He had 2 brothers, 3 sisters, and a mother and father who lived in the same area as Solomon. He remembers that whenever a Jewish holiday came in his town, the stores closed for the day and everyone celebrated the Jewish holiday. In his early 30’s, the Nazis began to force many Jewish families, along with the Radasky family, into the newly established ghettos. In the 1940s, the Nazis took away items of value and food from the Jews living in the ghettos. In 1941, Solomon’s mother and one of his sisters were killed for “lying” about having no valuables. Later, in April 1942, Solomon’s father died …show more content…

In an attempt to cheer Solomon up, Sofia, his wife’s friend, introduced Frieda to Solomon. With a love for one another, Solomon and Frieda got married on November 1946 and moved to New Orleans with their 1-year-old son during that time. Solomon had decided to work in the fur business once again and soon raised enough money to educate his children. Living his life each day, Solomon died at the age of 92 in August 2002, with a family by his side. In an interview, Solomon had once said about how he felt in the camps, “How did I survive? When a person is in trouble he wants to live. He fights for his life...Some people say, "Eh -- What will be, will be." No! You have to fight for yourself day by day. Some people did not care. They said, "I do not want to live. What is the difference? I don 't give a damn." I was thinking day by day. I want to live. A person has to hold on to his own will, hold on to that to the last minute.” By doing this report on Solomon Radasky, I’ve learned that I should be grateful for the life I have today. Many Holocaust survivors, like Solomon Radasky, have lost their lives to the Nazis and died trying to live each day during the Holocaust. Solomon Radasky cared about surviving in the camps because he wanted to survive, even though it seemed impossible for others. Solomon has shown that he had the will to work and take abuse in the camps in order to live the next day. To repeat what I’ve said, I have learned, by doing this report on Solomon Radasky, to be grateful for the life that I have right

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