Solomon's Relationship Character Analysis

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Solomon is still looked up to when he was not a slave, and then also on the plantation as a slave. He is a loving, caring, sensitive, strong in character, and committed man. Solomon is very loving to his family, he would do anything in the world for them. The movie shows this in the beginning with him going into his children’s room and tucking them in. On the plantation, he is also very loving. One of the slaves named Patsey is someone he shows love to. He respects her and tries to protect her. The plantation owner wants Solomon to whip Patsey and he starts off by not whipping hard at all. When the plantation owner tells him to whip harder, he will not do it. He shows love by not whipping Patsey. Solomon is caring for his entire family as well. He cares for his wife when she must travel away for work. Solomon also cares for his children as they have to travel with Solomon’s wife as well. On the plantation, he still cares about his family and he knows they are still there waiting for his return. Solomon cares about the other slaves, and he wants their well being. When Patsey asks Solomon to drown her, he will not do it because he cares for her too much. When Solomon becomes a free man again, he still cares for his family, even after twelve years. Solomon, among other traits, is…show more content…
Solomon asks one of the white men that shows up on the plantation to pass a letter to his family so he can prove his freedom. When the man crosses him, Solomon lies and says he did no such thing. When Solomon saw this opportunity again, he pleads with the next white male to come to the plantation. Solomon puts all of his trust in the man to not cross him like the first. This is how Solomon ends up getting back home, he stays committed to what he needed to do. Solomon shows commitment to his wife as well. Solomon could have found another woman on the plantation, but he knew he would be going home. Solomon’s wife also showed great commitment by doing the same

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