Harrison Bergeron

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Author Kurt Vonnegut, captivated and astonished its readers with a dystopian society novel about absolute equality known as no other than Harrison Bergeron. Harrison is the prime example to the rebellion that can occur in a completely equal community. Although human equality is something desired by society, in the novel, Harrison Bergeron, Harrison is a primary example of how equality can affect a person's life. By showcasing intelligence, symbols, and equality with lack of freedom there is an understanding of what could be possible in an absolute equal community.
To imagine a world where everyone's intelligence is alike is quite worrisome. The character known as George is introduced as a remarkably intelligent and strong man, however he is
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Complete equality represents all aspects of life from intelligence, economy, and appearances. As George and Hazel watched the ballerinas in the television, George took notice of the habitual way they danced as well as the fact that they had to cover their faces so they would not look any better than anyone else. Briefly he thought that maybe the dancers should not be handicapped, but immediately he heard a ringing in his ear. This eliminates the possibilities of unique beauty as well as of talent. There is no freedom for the people to go beyond the government’s implemented boundaries. As George continues to think, memories of his son come to mind and soon enough he hears another obscure sound that nearly brings him to tears. He turns pale and his wife takes notice and suggests him to lie down. With her suggestion she adds the comment that she is alright with them not being equal while he rest his handicap bag on the pillows. The single reminder of equalness being mentioned once again, serves as a reminder that overall that's what matters most. Hazel than suggest taking balls out of his weight bag but he reminds her that it could risk him going to jail as well as the downfall of civilization. He mentions that she would perhaps not want to return to a world of competition and she soley agrees. These characters are so focused on maintaining this order that was constantly reminded to them that they don’t feel that they deserve to live as they
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