Solution Around The World: The Dangers Of Air Pollution

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The Dangers of Dust Air pollution is having far reaching impact around the world, and people as far apart as London and Beijing are starting to take notice. Although air pollution as a national problem is something that many Western governments began to address in the second half of the 20th century, not all nations have the same standards, and sometimes natural forces themselves can cause pollution. Two significant recent cases have caught the world 's attention, highlighting the fact that no matter how much effort people have put into reducing their pollution lately, there is still work left to be done. The first case concerns Britain. Residents of the UK recently awoke to discover that their cars were covered in a fine red dust. Television weather reporters warned residents with lung or heart conditions to stay inside and avoid strenuous activity. It wasn 't domestic pollution that was causing the problem, however. It was dust, silica and silt from the Sahara. A peculiar combination of winds and temperatures had picked up the dust in the northern Sahara region, carried it farther north, and deposited it in the UK. The phenomenon carried throughout the week. Carried in the atmosphere by wind blowing north from Africa to frigid atmospheric heights, the dust then encountered warm air and moisture over the British Isles, where they proceeded to dump their cargo. This anomalous weather was not due to any kind of human pollution, but it poses a threat to human health just

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