Solution Essay: The Dangers And Effects Of Smoking

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Introduction We are all, already know about smoking and it effects. In smoking contains highly addictive drug that is very harmful to our health. Smoking will be reason for some danger diseases and early death, because it contains many harmful and poisonous substances. Even though, smoking can be a very difficult thing to stop. This report gives a short summary of the problems connected with smoking; and effect of the smoking on people and social. And also the diseases due smoking and nicotine; it is poisonous substances contains in smoking. And from this report you get the some variety of tips to stop the smoking and the steps to stop the smoking. Studying about and understanding the many facts of the smoking habit can put you on the true way to successful smoking end. Danger of Smoking In smoking, for example cigarette has contain lot of toxic substances some of them are following Nicotine One of the substance is contains in the smoking is nicotine is a material that stimulates the brain. If you are continues smoker, when the blood level of nicotine decreases, then you have some general symptoms: • Headaches. • Irritability. • Hunger. • Craving. • Anxiety. • Restlessness. • Just feeling awful • Difficulty with concentration.…show more content…
It is possible but risky and can be difficult. Stopping smoking has many advantages. It can become better the quality and length of our life, save money from our pocket, and also a safety to our family and friends from the threat of inactive smoke. Make a date for and placing together an idea can raise your possibility of achievement. Medications and help groups can be assisting for some people. To stop smoking we can do a lot to help ourselves. Remind that, if we are fall in the first chance, do not back out. But changing our quit plan based on our experiences, then we can quit smoking. It will not take more time to

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