Solution-Focused Brief Therapy Essay

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“The Solution-Focused Brief Therapy approach to helping clients provides a set of therapeutic techniques for building client competencies and helps clients discover workable solutions to their mental health problems (Berg & De Jong, 2008).” An emphasis of Solution-Focused Brief Therapy is on the process of developing a future solution rather than the past manifestation of the problem, with the focus being on identifying past successes and exceptions to the problem, as well as identifying new and novel ways of responding in future efforts to solve problems (Franklin et al., 2001). The aims are to create a context for change where hope, competence, and positive expectancies for change increase and a client can co-construct with the therapist…show more content…
“There is no stable, fixed, knowable, or essential self or identity, as self and identity can emerge only within linguistic, cultural, and relational practices.” Truth is only ever partial, located, and invested. When it comes to social life and human experience grounded in social life, all knowledge is interpretative, valued based, and woven into the matrixes of power that shape the organization of society itself. And while human beings are socially created, this is a dialectical process in which they are simultaneously produced by and produce the world in which they live. Using relationship as a starting point leads us to assume that knowledge is personal, according to Christian contemplative thought. Instead of truth being a statement made by people, truth is actually a declaration made by God. In actuality, God is Truth and Truth is very personal. Truth speaks. Truth is not simply discovered by reason, as modernism argued. Not only is truth created in language, as postmodernism postulates. Truth is also revealed by the divine in silence. This means that Truth takes the position of subject and speaks to the object, people, who

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