Solution Focused Therapy Benefits

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Those entering the counselor workforce are often focused on the best course of action or approach to use when counseling clients. In my case, I’ve always been more prone to the Adlerian approach primarily because it tends to focus on family experiences and background. Nonetheless, due to extensive and continuous training, I’ve found that Solution Focused therapy would be more useful, especially in the school-counseling field. I believe that students will benefit more from this particular form of therapy because it has such a positive outlet. Solution focused therapy tends to focus on future orientation as oppose to present orientation. This is especially important for students who are older and getting ready to enter college and the workforce. I also think it is important to apply this form of therapy because it allows the client a wide range of autonomy, allowing them to workout their own problems. Most of all because of its solution focused ideas; brief therapy is an ideal intervention for all youth. I think as a counselor working in a school setting this is extremely important because we may encounter problems,…show more content…
Techniques such as scaling allow counselors and clients to determine whether a problem is mild or severe, by asking the client to identify the severity of the issue. This is tremendously helpful because it may help a student gain insight into certain problems. Solution talk is also a tremendous factor because students need a great sense of uplifting and optimism. One of my favorite concepts used in brief therapy is “The miracle question.” This allows student’s to conceptualize and work out plans ahead of time as well throughout therapy sessions. Overall, solution focused therapy offers a great deal of benefits for both students and clients wanting to solve issues sooner than
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