Solution Focused Therapy Essay

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Application: Applying Theoretical Interventions for Clients Experiencing Life Transition
The Plot of the Movie the Story of Us
15 years of marriage Ben and Katie Jordan are at a fork in the road with their marriage. The consequences of a moment of weakness, and a host of suppressed issues in the marriage have the couple questioning the future of their relationship.
The Developmental Issue
Although the marriage is strained in part due to Ben the husband, sharing a kiss with another woman, as well as discussing the problems of their marriage with the other woman. It is apparent that there are unresolved marriage issues. The issues range from distrust, unhappiness, critical of one another, a disconnect within the marriage, communication issues, and an overall lack of understanding of each other’s issues, wants, needs and desires. In a nutshell,
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Part of my rationale for selecting this therapy, is that during the movie the entire time I was thinking that although their issues are significant I did not sense that as a couple theory were so far beyond repair of the marriage. My thinking is that Solution Focused Therapy would be beneficial in not only helping to deal with the current issue(s), but helping the couple become more effective in dealing with future issues.
I would redirect Ben and Katie focus to the strength and positives of their marriage, along with each of their desires. Solution Focused Therapy realizes that the solutions may not be directly related to the problem (Gehart, & Tuttle, 2015). As I watched the movie I notice many strengths in the relationship that somehow were lost in the strain and issues of the marriage. I would imagine that often in a relationship it is easy to become focused on the issues, and lose sight of what brought you together as a couple in the beginning. The couple clearly has different views of the problems in their
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