Solution Focused Therapy

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Kia Hassell Ahmad R. Washington, Ph.D., NCC Psychology Theories & Techniques of School Counseling - ECPY 630-97-4162_SYLLABUS The Effectiveness of Solution-Focused Therapy with Children in a School Setting 18 April 2017 University of Louisville Reference Franklin, C., Biever, J., Moore, K., Clemons, D., & Scamardo, M. (2001). The effectiveness of solution-focused therapy with children in a school setting. Research on Social Work Practice, 11(4), 411-434. Brief Introduction The study was designed to gauge the impact of solution-focused therapy on students, specifically children within school settings. The design used to facilitate this study were AB single case designs. Additionally, the participants were extended approximately…show more content…
SFT or SFBT, as it is respectively called, has become one of the leading approaches in treating clients across a vast slate of institutions ranging from education to criminal justice. It is this form of therapy that allows the goals to become clear for the client and clarity is intentionally focused towards the desired outcome for the quality of life to become better in every aspect. The flexibility of this particular range of therapy ascribes to the fact of client input that yields the space for them to express even at a minimal state ways in which they desire to change their life for the better. It takes into account the most basic level of initiative put forward to engage them in an active process that yields a significant impact towards a total life change. This method of therapy takes into account the nature of dialogue via conversation that goes into developing the client’s perspective towards obtaining the desired results that they seek to…show more content…
The approach to ensure and assure treatment integrity, the researchers placed a significant amount of intensity on the treatment protocols that were put in place to guard the integrity of the study. This step is truly landmark in the fact that it follows meticulously by the guidelines as set by the original developer. Recognizing the noted factors, the trainings that were afforded to the examiners proved to be beneficial in preparing them to undertake such an intensive measure of study concerning this particular population. A major area of critical emphasis is to acknowledge the fact that the use of the Socratic strategy of questioning proved to be a necessary component in stabilizing the co-constructive approach as needed by this particular
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