Solution Of Indoor Air Pollution

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Indoor air pollution is an important environmental factor that contributes to the various disease. It is refers to the poor quality of indoor air. This is become more serious issues in recent years because it increase the level of pollution which can lead to significant health problems and discomfort. This indoor air pollution can cause by a various sources. In this study, the sources that will cause indoor air pollution are come from tobacco smoking, wall dust, soil particles and wooden furniture or paper products will be discussing later. Since people spent most of their time indoor so indoor air pollutants will caused bad effects to health, thus lead to several disease related to this problem experience by individuals or populations. Personal exposure to pollutants depend on the time spent indoor and concentration of particulate matter in air. Therefore, mitigation plans is needed to improve indoor air quality and the current mitigation plan need to be implement in order to reduce the indoor air pollution

Tobacco smoking
Tobacco smoking is one of the source of indoor air pollution. Tobacco smoking have high concentrations of Ca, Ni, and significant amount of Mg, Cu. These pollutants are good indicators of tobacco smoking within indoor microenvironments. Tobacco smoking is related by the effect of some important metals like Ca, Ni, Cu, and Mg (Chiba and Masironi, 1992). Both Chinese and imported cigarette papers had a significant amount of

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