Indoor Air Pollution Research Paper

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Indoor air pollution is an important environmental factor that contributes to the various disease. It is refers to the poor quality of indoor air. This is become more serious issues in recent years because it increase the level of pollution which can lead to significant health problems and discomfort. This indoor air pollution can cause by a various sources. In this study, the sources that will cause indoor air pollution are come from tobacco smoking, wall dust, soil particles and wooden furniture or paper products will be discussing later. Since people spent most of their time indoor so indoor air pollutants will caused bad effects to health, thus lead to several disease related to this problem experience by individuals or populations.
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Health effect is determined not just by the pollution level but also, and more importantly, by the time people spend breathing polluted air. Kids and old age people are more prone to the after-effects of indoor air pollution.

Respiratory diseases
Acute lower respiratory infection is the single most important cause of mortality in children aged under 5 years, accounting for around 2 million deaths annually in this age group. Besides, upper respiratory infection and otitis media are causes by exposure to the biomass fuel and environmental smoke. (Bruce, N., et al., 2000). The exposures of biomass smoke are usually happened to the women and children from low- and middle-income countries due to the using of traditional cooking stove. (Po, J. Y. T., et al. 2011).

Asthma is another effect of indoor air pollution and usually happens to the children and adult. The causes of asthma can be due to the exposure to the environmental tobacco smoke for certain sensitized individuals. The use of mosquito coil smoke also can cause asthma especially among children. (Bruce, N., et al., 2000).

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The goal is primarily to maintain air pollutants concentration below danger levels by diluting the contaiminated indoor air with outdoor air. There is a study on relationship among concentrations of indoor air pollutants, their sources, and various strategies on indoor air quality. According to Widder and Haselbach (2017), the mitigation that has been done include a proper ventilation in low rise building. This will increase air circulation inside a building thus lower the concentration of volatile organic compound. Ventilation across the home can be achieved by allowing the air coming from many parts of the building such as attic or passing through the exhaust-only

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