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Deforestation is one of the main problems for the whole world. ‘Deforestation is the process of clearing the forest by cutting down the trees for fulfilling different demands ‘(Jella). The application that I have chosen to solve the deforestation is reforestation. The main areas that I will be discussing in the main body are why deforestation is happening and how and what can we do to prevent the deforestation process, why that solution is effective, and how reforestation influence the environment.

Deforestation is causing by logging, means cutting down trees in order to fix forests or harvest logs; mining means that oil and coal mining requires a considerable amount of forest land. There are a number of ways how to clear a forest such
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Firstly, there's a specific area that can be used for the reforestation. Secondly, according to in accordance with Wikipedia source, forests are destroyed around three billion tons of anthropogenic carbon per year. This is 30% of all cinder dioxide emissions from fossil fuels. So large quantities concerning woodlands would be needed. Another reason, deforestation is generally expensive. This is especially typical for because degraded areas where contemporary techniques are also costly for rehabilitation where it should be. Rehabilitation regarding sites so are hard in conformity with reach or unconscionable areas may be particularly costly. Reforestation may additionally be because of the long growth periods required before harvesting and financial compensation is…show more content…
Agriculture is the greatest global operator of deforestation. Farmers cut forests in order to provide more planting vegetation or grazing livestock. Many farmers destroy less of acres with the aid of slicing down trees in the process recognized as “slash and burn” agriculture. In order to deliver wood and paper products for the supermarkets, there are a huge amount of trees that are cutting down each year. One of the almost glittering effects is an enlarge regarding of increasing of habitat for organisms. Adding trees permits the forest in accordance with making bigger its canopy, who blocks the sun’s rays at some point of the day and holds among warmth at night. Forest soils are moist, and safety through sun-blocking tree cover continues to them beyond drying out. Without it, coverage life of plants and animals would trip extreme temperature swings that will remain

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