Solutions To Counter Terrorism

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Solutions of terrorism mostly discussed in media or reactions directly after a terror threat is often a drastic and offensive act related to counter-terrorism. They all have something in common, which is that they are mostly short-term solution the problem of terrorism It’s something that maybe will not stop terrorism all together, but to give a response and hope to prevent some attacks. While they are short-term from the start, they can be long-term as well in the sense that you remove a certain part of a group, like bombing a certain cell. An important distinction to make is between counter-terrorism and anti-terrorism. The action taken in a more offensive matter are often counter-terrorism, while defensive actions such as homeland security,…show more content…
You can go into the roots of both people who decide to become terrorist, and the groups they choose to join. There is no model of what kind of person become a terrorist. Now more than ever, the focus can be more and more on single individuals, as they can get all they need from the internet. They do not need a clear connection to any group, they can just act in their words. Some argue that kids are being brainwashed and taught that being violent against other groups is good (such as non-Muslims) in some areas. Others argue that some people are drawn to the career of terrorist, with things like clashes with friends and family, a criminal past, conflict ridden youth. Other says it’s who you hang out with, who then becomes your recruiter. They may not that into it themselves but friends around them do it and get them into it. Because of this another angle you can take is still maintain a focus on single induvial but instead focus on the top. This can be shown with several examples, that when the leaders of terror organizations are killed or captivated, internal fights can break out and weaken or break up the group. This is because they need one to follow, and if there is none, they won’t. It’s simplified, but there is a difference between a leader and a follower. At times, a lot of young people who get into are compared to young people who are fans of football teams, or a band. So,…show more content…
All terrorism has both religious and political means in some ways. They have a purpose. It’s politics, using other means. It is highly correlated with a political agenda, and therefor this makes sense. They cannot get their voice heard, so they use violence, and they see it being a rational choice. This is true for The Army of god in America, who want to remove abortion rights, which when their political agenda to do so went down, they resort to terrorism, just as it is for groups for ISIS and so forth. Because there is a purpose and a motive behind it. The religious one has the thing in common which is the uniting of justification for extreme violence, in the name of a God. Going into to the solution, there are several aspects. You can in some cases give them their political agenda, or a voice. This is not true for the big religious groups, but more for smaller ones. Because you need to remember that the focus is not on just one group, which the conversation sometimes steams from. There are terror groups everywhere, and from every political side. There have been before and there may be after. So, the discussion aspects work in some cases, have worked previously. The question is if you would want to take a discussion with groups like ISIS. What would you gain out of it? We know their agenda, and they know the rest of the worlds stance on that. The problem with that is that while gaining political agenda is one thing, but

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