Drug Addiction In The United States

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Do you know that the American government spends $ 181 billion annually on drugs? I am going to discuss drug addiction in the U.S. There are 20.4 million addicts which represents 8% of the population. Different factors influence them to take drugs, like poverty, family separation, and anxiety. Family separation has the highest rate of 33%. The dangerous effects stemming from addiction are suicide, legal issues, and getting a communicable disease. Legal issues have the highest rate of 45% .Jean Micheal Basquiat is a famous American artist, whose his life ended due to drug addiction. In 1986, he appeared on New York magazine’s cover. When his dear friend Andy Warhol died, he became more depressed and more isolated, so he became more and more…show more content…
Medication for drug abuse is the use of medicines to dispose of drug toxins from the body. Drugs make the body full of free radicals and compounds that can damage tissues. Therefore, taking medicines (antioxidants) will neutralize these free radicals. For example, Vitamins C and E, Zinc, and Beta Carotene are good medicines to cure drug addiction. For example, if a person is addicted to hashish, doctors will give him Zinc and Beta Carotene. However, if the doctors want better results, they should mix Zinc and Beta Carotene with other additives. In theory, the American government should provide clinics provided with state of the art equipment in high addiction areas. I think this solution is very practical because most of the people in the U.S. believe strongly that medication can make a…show more content…
It is a system that sentences addicts who committed crimes like murder and robbing by sending them to jail or imposing financial penalties or both. Firstly, the American government should provide prisons for only addicts. These prisons must have specialists, policemen, and health care centers around them. Every room in the prison should have the basic needs of a normal person and soothe addicts’ nerves. It also should have special things that an addict values. Families’ addicts can visit them whenever they want. The prisoners should have a day per month to spend with their families. Secondly, the American government should have proper sentence system by revising cases by the court and a group of doctors. Also, the focus on treatment should be bigger than the focus on being in jail. What is more, the sentence should be based on the type of drugs and the effect of the addiction like crime. Therefore, not everyone should go to jail. To illustrate, if a person is addicted to cocaine, his/her case must studied thoroughly. If that person committed a crime, he/she would be sentenced 2 years in jail with a financial penalty of $ 1000. However, if he/she did not commit a crime, he/she would be sentenced with financial penalty of $ 2000 only without going to jail. In theory, prisons should be far away from the city. Also, the prisons should be supervised completely by the American government. In reality, there is a problem of losing

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