Solutions To Human Trafficking

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Katie Lane
Mrs. Brooks
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24 November 2014
Solutions to the Global Controversy of Human Trafficking
The crime of human trafficking indisputably extends to the farthest boundaries of the world, a transgression that occurs in the most advanced countries as well as the least advanced countries. Human trafficking is exploitation of the human body with more than twenty-seven million victims across the world. Trafficking victims may suffer from sexual as well as labor related exploitation, resulting in sexually transmitted diseases, physical abuse, and unwanted pregnancy. This is a conundrum that does not just affect the United States. While global organizations work specifically in this area of corruption to come up with temporary
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Eighty percent of those 2.4 million humans are being sexually exploited. This violation of human rights is a global problem, and until the public become aware of this, nothing can be done to bring human trafficking to an absolute termination. Right now, in Vietnam, exploitation of humans for labor is at all time high. Men and women of all ages uproot their lives to migrate to Vietnam for job opportunities, for example, mining, fishing, agriculture, and construction jobs. Migrants are typically illiterate and uneducated, signing work contacts they cannot read, becoming slaves to their employers. There is also an increased demand for children and virgins, due to the threat of HIV and AIDS. These facts reveal that countries other than the United States are indeed experience the global catastrophe of human trafficking (“U.N.: 2.4 Million Human Trafficking…show more content…
The Polaris Project is a very influential organization in the United States. The Polaris Project focuses on more long term solutions to human trafficking, as well as promotes stronger laws against human exploitation. Prajawa is an organization based in Hyderland, India. This organization works specifically to save women and children from brothels, or prostitution houses. Children often grow up in these brothels and know no other way to live. Prajawa rescues women and children and educates them, as well as provides them with jobs and healthcare. COSA, or the Children’s Organization of Southeast Asia works specifically with children in labor and sexual exploitation. An interesting organization called GoodWeave began in 1994 in Asia. As an anti-trafficking campaign, GoodWeave rescues children in textile factories who are forced to work long hours for no pay. This organization has reduced child labor in rug factories by seventy five percent, and works in the United States to eliminate rugs sold by companies who use child labor (“Fight For Freedom: 7 Organizations Combating Human Trafficking”). Many North American organizations provide refuge for victims globally, for example, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. Countless other institutions combat the violation of exploitation in men,

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