Ineffective Communication In The Workplace

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Effective Communication Is one part of the many different components that can make or break a company that is striving for a prosperous future in the corporate world, but there are a few things that can cause barriers throughout the workplace which will prevent communication from being effective such as languages, spoken by people who are most likely foreigners, people with a variety of disabilities and management that battles to find solutions to problems as a team that would help move the company forward.

languages in the workplace - Ineffective communication in the workplace can cause major projects to grind to a halt. Breakdown in communication like this can happen because of employees misinterpreting something that another employee has
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A study was done by Statistics South Africa, stating their findings that The National Disability rate is 7,5% which is more common in females (Africa, 2014).
What are the solutions to helping people with disabilities? People with disabilities such as hearing impairment can be catered for by providing information to other people who work with them and help them to understand, according to the university of Washington (, n.d.) that they suggest you should offer them help when trying to explain something to them by using drawings if it is difficult for them to process the piece of information through auditory means and it is also a good idea to speak slowly and clearly. (Berardo, 2007).
Physically impaired people should be accommodated where possible, such as guiding them through doors and up or down the wheel chair ramp (, n.d.) (,
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Having people who are at the top of the company that cannot bring their team together and provide them with structured approaches of how things are meant to be done will not be able to lead there company forward.
But how does an ineffective management team bring down the level of effective communication between the staff and cause barriers to be formed.
Bad management skills from senior leaders can cause people to be ostracized, especially when the person is disabled. a study published by a firm in the UK has published that “one in two people (53%) have experienced bullying or harassment at work because of their impairments”. (, 2017)

A study done by Michelle O’Daniel and Alan H. Rosenstein states that by putting in standardised tools and practices will allow the management team to provide accurate information and improved skills in communication and lowering the barriers of communications found in many companies where a standard set of practices is in place (O’Daniel and Rosenstein,

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