Plagiarism In High School Essay

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Students today are all so consumed with modifying the old and they turn plagiarism into a normal everyday thing. The purpose of this paper is to discuss possible solutions to the issue of plagiarism among high school students in the U.S. Academic dishonesty happens with different frequencies.(Hensley)
Students usually only cheat because they have no other way to do their assignment. They tend to cheat knowing there is a possibility of getting in terrible trouble, but they do not care. Young people today use the web when they need information for school assignment(Peters). The internet is a fun and easy way to get information. You don’t need to read a whole book just to learn one thing. You just type it up in the search box and you get an
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Social media is a perfect example of plagiarism because students screenshot and repost memes and pictures they find relevant. They take things others posted and post it as their own. Students bad behavior usually comes from plagiarism(Voelker). Students get upset and try to lie when they get caught plagiarizing. They think they have a right to cheating because they are under pressure and frustrated with their school work so they get disrespectful towards teachers and staff when they get caught. Causing the problems with staff and other students. It is most frequent now to catch a student cheating on a test(Hensley). Students tend to cheat off of others papers when they are under pressure. Mostly when they are challenged with a topic they do not know. They know they will get into trouble but they do it anyways. Academic integrity gets a lot of attention in institutions of higher education(Mchaney). Students in higher grades know it’s not the smartest thing not to cheat. They know the consequences of committing plagiarism. Quick and easy access to this information leads some students to cheat(Peters). With temptations at the press of a key there’s no way they couldn’t copy and paste. Once they see how easy it is to just copy another’s work they just stick to
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