Solutions To Police Brutality

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Have you ever felt threatened just by talking to a cop of a different race. Many people are pulled over and feel very uncomfortable talking to someone who they don't feel connected with. This can lead to police brutality which can cause lots of issues like seen in the past with Michele Brown in Ferguson. My purpose is to help and prevent police brutality towards people of color. People shouldn't be mistreated for their race or ethnicity. Color-Coded cops are the solution to police brutality. Police brutality is unacceptable. Last year, the Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice noted that the number of Latino victims of police killings is 30% above average, and 25% of them were unarmed (Reyes). This is a ridiculous percentage and shows that police aren't doing anything to try to minimize this problem. There have been many cases that explain why these percentages are so high. For example, that of Amilcar Perez-Lopez, a 20 year old undocumented immigrant from Guatemala whom two, San Francisco police officers shot and killed on February 26. Police brutality doesn't only happen on lations, but also an African American like Michele Brown, who…show more content…
Jon Vorpe describes this solution by saying “ An African-American driver is pulled over for, say, not signaling a lane change. The attending officer will, in the spirit of good public service, ask the driver if she’d be more comfortable with an African-American police officer. If so? Then the attending police officer calls it in and sits with the citizen until an African-American officer shows up.” I think that this is the best solution because there is less chance for a police officer to be races and want to misbehave with someone of a different race. Even Though this will not abolish police brutality it is a big step in that
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