Solutions To Project Management Problems

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Solutions to project management problems
Since ancient times to date, people and organisations have carried out different types of projects such as construction, manufacturing, management and scientific research[1]. A project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result[2]. These projects are facing various challenges along the way whereby by the results are generally a mixed bag of either success or failure. This is interesting to note because since projects have been carried out since prehistory which have prompted a lot of research on how to successfully carry out projects. Good books have been written, methodologies and models like PRINCE2, PMBOK, waterfall and AGILE have been devised to inform good
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Stakeholders might be a sponsor, creditor, employee, community, supplier, and/or, most commonly, a customer, among anyone else who can impact or be impacted by the project[8]. Rachel Burger explains that poor stakeholders’ managements results if wrong stakeholders are identified and prioritised, being unrealistic with stakeholders and failure of having a sound stakeholders’ communication plan. Poor projects stakeholders management Which in turn will make the project to fail. Stakeholders can subbotage or refuse the project. For instance Qantas – Australian airline’s Jetsmart project was not successful because engineers were not consulted during development process and at the end engineers refused to use the developed system because they claimed it was not…show more content…
The purpose of project planning is to define each major task, estimate the time and resources required, and provide a framework for management review and control[11] . Therefore this process is very important because it reduces uncertainty, increases understanding and improves efficiency. Planning reduces uncertainty, increases understanding and improves efficiency. Poor planning in project management is the number one mistake that leads to project failure[12]. This is because poorly planned projects will have poor time management, vague project objectives, and unset budget. This could lead into dissatisfied customers, lack of support from stakeholders and expose the project to the risks and problems because it is a good plan that a clear picture on schedule, the aim, expectations and budget of the project. Therefore, project managers should should be involved in the planning of the projects and execute the plan. As recommended by Deniis Lock, a plan should have a definition and strategy of the project then the task list, then the whole plan can checked by using check lists to see if all major plan components are in place[1]. To develop a good tasklist project managers can use Work Breakdown structures then present the tasks and scheledules in a more clear view by using Gantt Charts and network diagrams. This will make

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