Solutions To The Great Depression

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Nallely Sagastume Pillsbury US History February 27, 2018 The Great Depression The 1920s was a chaotic time, it dealt with a worldwide depression that affected many countries but most specifically the United States. During this time the economy drifted into a deep decline and left many people jobless and struggling to financially support their families. Many things were going off balance and there seemed no way to solve it, the farming industry fell, unequal distribution of wealth was going around and overproduction was losing a great amount of money, these problems greatly contributed to the Great Depression. The world was falling into chaos but no one really knew what to do until President Franklin D. Roosevelt came up with a great solution…show more content…
All these new farming technologies allowed a great deal of products to be made, such as, combined harvesters and tractors which worked in removing crops quickly and more effectively than by manual work. These new technologies began to be used more often, and caused periods of no crop rotation, and coincidentally during this time there was a severe drought. This unfortunately left loose soil exposed which was then picked up by winds that caused the dust bowl and carried out soil throughout the whole east coast. Evidently this ruined the fields so now there was no means of production of any kind at all, that meant no profit at all as well. Since no fields where in working condition because of the dust bowl unemployment skyrocketed. in a document about unemployment they said, “In 1933, at the worst point in the Great Depression years, unemployment rates in the United States reached almost 25%, with more than 11 million people looking for work”(Kelley 1). Unemployment left people on the streets as much as being jobless was common so was being homeless. People fought for survival any form they could, they began creating shanty towns all over nicknamed ‘Hooverville’ after President Herbert Hoover who was onset of the depression and who they blamed responsible for it. These were some of the hells people suffered through caused by the Great…show more content…
Franklin D. Roosevelt New Deal Programs greatly helped with restoring hope and most importantly the economy. His ideas were effective in preventing another crisis like this from happening again, stopping the economy from free falling, and restarting the flow of consumer demand. With great hope if anything like this were to ever happen, hopefully there will be an effectividea to stop iy like FDR
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