Soma Brave New World Symbol Analysis

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There are many symbols that occur in Brave New World. The main idea of a symbol is to add additional meanings to the object or person. It represents a more abstract idea. The symbols that played an important role in the book and that helped me better understand the work of Aldous Huxley were Soma, Shakespeare, Henry Ford. Soma is a symbol that is carried throughout every page of this book. Soma is a symbol for the power of science and technology has on society. Is a drug taken by the citizens to give them a fake happiness. Something that was said in the book by Mustapha is "Euphoric, narcotic, pleasantly hallucinant”. Soma may be the best tool that the government has to control the population. It calms and distracts a person from realizing the reality or the wrongdoing of any situation. While reading this book I got the sense that the citizens of Brave New World were enslaved. In chapter 15 John begins to pick up onto this. That explains as to why he throws things out of the window in the name of freedom. In the end soma symbolizes the face happiness that the citizens are trapped in. The next symbol that made me think was Shakespeare. Shakespeare is the language in which John understands the world. Shakespeare represents all of the art that is rejected and…show more content…
Henry Ford was famous for the perfection of mass production and the assembly line. Throughout reading the book, the citizens honor Ford like we honor our Lord or Christ. This gives the reader the idea that society in the book has no sense of religion it also shows us that religion has been replaced with technolo. In Brave New World, humans are massed produced and grown with the help of the assembly line. Production and efficiency stand out as two values that are taken very seriously in the book. The entire World State is an assembly line just pushing out people after people in order to fit into a single caste system and
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