The Size And Shape Of An Elephant Analysis

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My favorite Somali fairy tale at my childhood was about two blind men who used to argue the size and shape of an elephant. One day, the blind men came to a zoo to resolve their lasted argument. The zoo Veterinarian led them to a tamed small elephant. The first man reached the ear where the other man attained the tail of the elephant. All men explored the rest of the body of the elephant because each one thought he got an answer for his burning curiosity. The men happily got back to their place and each shared the other what he experienced about the size and shape of an elephant. The one who reached the ear said that elephant is something flat and large where the one reached the tail said that elephant is something thin and long. Although they both approached the same elephant, their outcomes were different. Based on each one's experience, neither of them is wrong, but neither of them has the whole story. I started the essay with this story because it gives an image how people's notion differ when it comes judging something based on their experience. To develop this prompt, there are a number of questions that should be asked. How much should one know about…show more content…
In this matter, the experience might not grantee perfection nor being an 'expert' might not lead to concurrence. On the other hand, being an expert at something does not have clear boundaries. How much one should know in order to be classified as an expert? Could it be possible an individual or a group is more expert than another but still label both individuals or groups 'experts'? How could it be determined? All these questions might not have definite answers, but they might help us understand more about how this wide range of 'expert-ism' contributes disagreements. Since being an expert is not definite, there might be differences between 'experts' which might lead to different

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