Essay On Ajuran Sultanate

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INTRODUCTION The Ajuran Sultanate or Ajuran Empire was known as a Somali Muslim empire that ruled over the large parts of the Northeast Africa consists of Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia and dominated the regional trade during the 5th to the 15th century during the era of Medieval Ages. Ajuran Sultanate was very well-known during 13th century until the late 17th century because of their strong centralized administration and has an aggressive military towards invaders. This empire also left an extensive architectural legacy, including castles, fortress building and pillar tombs fields attributed to the Ajuran engineers. Because of the theocratic nature of the Ajuran government, many peoples come from many regions in East Africa had converted to Islam. According to the history, the Ajuran Sultanate emerged and established by the House of Gareen and they were the one who ruling this empire until the 17th century. Their origin was basically lying in the Gareen Kingdom that ruled Ogaden during 13th…show more content…
The breakdown of the Moghadishu also leads to the downfall of the Sultanate. Warring clans from the Moghadishu breakdown has their own tradition in order to overthrow the Ajuran Sultanate, which end up the battles within their own territory. The Ajuran’s architectural legacy was destroyed in this battle. The Ajuran Sultanate might be considered as a legend and known to the world if there were not for the tangible evidence of their construction being destroys and their power to hold Portuguese who then gave up to invade Ajuran’s region. Despite of that, Ajuran Sultanate was the most powerful empire which known in the African
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